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Heiniger X-Series

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Heiniger X-Series, For All Your Clipping Needs

Heiniger Xplorer - Cattle & Horse battery Clipper 

The Heiniger Xplorer is a solid and durable cordless clipper. It's runs quietly and being cordless there is no trailing power cord to get in the way. It uses Li-Ion battery technology, which allows up to two hours of cordless clipping. The Xplorer is sold with two blade sets (standard and coarse).

  • Provides up to two hours of cordless clipping, from a 90 minute charge
  • Extremely Silent
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless Clipper With Lithium-Ion battery technology

Heiniger Xpert - Sheep Shearing Clipper 

    The Heiniger Xpert has a body built in the same style, around a shearing handpiece design, slim and easy to grip       for one handed operation but with the excellent Heiniger sheep head. The sheep head uses Heiniger shearing             cutters and combs and each clipper is supplied with an Ovina Comb and an Edge Cutter.

  • Approved Shearing System
  • Devoid of Vibrations
  • Solid & Durable
  • A powerful large animal clipper with a sheep head for tackling sheep, wool breeds and dirty cattle
  • Lightweight & quiet Running

Heiniger Xperience - Cattle & Horse Clipper

The Heiniger Xperience is a heavy duty clipper, is very light and is also very quiet compared to other heavy duty clippers. It has a 250 watt permanent magnet motor making it extremely powerful. The slimline design and lightweight body makes the Heiniger Xperience very well balanced and therefore particularly comfortable to hold and manoeuvre.

  • Lightweight, small and ergonomically shaped
  • Solid & Durable due to fibreglass reinforcement
  • More powerful than any other comparable clipping machine
  • Unique design gives a comfortable clipping position and simplifies the task of clipping those sensitive areas, such as the tail
  • Extremely easy to use and less stressful for the animal