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12v Battery Fence Energisers

12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energisers. 12v battery fence energiser are used in the field next to the fencing with the power supply coming from a 12v battery. It is recommended that a 12v leisure battery is used but conventional 12v car batteries will also work. A few of the 12v battery electric fence energisers will come with stands that double up as earth stakes. Where an earth stake is not included a 1m earth stake can be used.

We currently stock three different brands of 12v battery energiser, Rutland, AKO and Horizont. There is a choice of fence energiser from the entry level for strip grazing upto some of the most powerful energisers available on the market for larger electric fence systems.

Rutland offer the ESB ranger that includes the ESB57 which is the most popular 12v energiser in the UK. There is more powerful larger ESB202 model.

Horizont and AKO offer lower priced entry level electric fence energisers for smaller fence systems. It is always best when choosing an fence energiser to look at a slightly larger one than you currently need in case you wish to expand your electric fencing.

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