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Dog Fencing

Electric fencing is ideal for containing dogs and other domestic animals:

  • safer than conventional fencing
  • gives them a mental perimeter they must keep to
  • they will respect the fence quickly
  • simple also to electrify an existing fence
  • will not harm a dog

Electric fencing is a cost effective and good way of containing domestic animals like dogs. A short, sharp shock will not harm a dog, it will just teach them to keep within their boundaries. Recommendations on the best system can be wide ranging due the different sizes, weights, breeds, fur length and personalities that you can attribute to dogs.

Electric fencing can be used to defer from escaping and/or stopping the damage they are causing. An electrified wire can be used at the bottom to stop digging and one can be used at the top to stop the animal jumping over.

Wire and post spacing is important when installing a dog fence. The animals will be looking to spaces in the fencing to get through so if you get the spacing right this won't be a possibility. Please ensure that the ends of the fence well strained and anchored.


The spacing of fence lines is individual and depends on your pet and the purpose for the fence. Poly posts or smaller wooden posts can used with ring insulators.

Electrifying an Existing Fence

You can easily adapt or convert an existing conventional fence into an electric fence. This is a cost effective method if you already have a permanent fence in place. You can either use the wooden posts already installed and put in insulators on the posts with wire. There are also many types of offset screw in and post top insulators for mounting on an existing fence. Please note that you cannot electrify an existing chain link fence as it will earth and not provide a shock.


Dogs require a lower level of shock and smaller fence energisers can be used. For fences that are permanent or if a mains supply is available using a mains energiser is the best option. You will have to measure the length your dog fence will be to decide on the energiser you need. A mains system works by plugging the energiser into the supply inside and running lead out cable to a 2m earth stake and to the fence to power it. For places you cannot get a mains supply to, 12v, 9v or solar energisers should be used. 12v battery energiser are usually used and we would recommend using these as they are more reliable and cost effective.

Fence Line Conductor

We would recommend only using poly wire, poly tape, galvanised wire and high tensile wire for use with dogs. There is different quality of conductors lines available. A quality of a line is dependent on the number of conductors, diameter of conductors, level of resitance and breaking strain. Galvanised and high tensile are all conductor so you are usually looking at the level of resitance and breaking strain for quality. One issue can be if a dog or other pet tries to jump through the fencing. If all of their feet are off the ground it won't provide a shock as there is no earth. A simply solution is adding another fence conductor where they are trying to jump through and attaching only to the earth stake and not the other fence lines. This will provide the earth and when touched by the pet will give a shock.

Dog Fencing Kits

The kit we currently offer for dog fencing is the Fi-Shock Garden kit which contains an energiser, fence posts, wire, battery and fence tester. Systems will normally contain an energiser, earth stake, poly posts and wire or ring insulators and wire. If you need a system please contact us with the length of the fence needed and we can quote you for all you need.