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Dry Battery Fence Energisers

Dry Battery Fence Energiser that use 6v or 9v batteries to supply power. Dry battery electric fence energisers using non-rechargable batteries that are usually contained within the energiser unit itself. These fence energisers are very easily transportable so great for strip grazing or temporary fencing. They give you the option of an all-in-one electric fence energiser.

In terms of these types of energiser we stock two brands, Rutland Electric Fencing and Horizont. Both offer two year guarantee for their electric fence energisers as standard. The range of dry battery energisers we stock offers you a choice on the power you need although generally they are designed for shorter distance electric fences.

The Horizont Equistop B1 is designed for strip grazing with horses, 9v batteries are available to sit inside the energiser. The Rutland ESB15 and ESB25 are for use in shorter fences for horses, cattle and sheep. The Horizont Farmer A1000 is a more powerful energiser that also has a 12v option and can be used on longer distance electric fences.

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