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Electric Fencing

Agri-Supply offers a wide range of electric fencing products for all your agricultural needs. Here's a breakdown of their key offerings:

Energisers: These power the fence, delivering a safe but effective jolt to keep animals contained. Agri-Supply has energizers for various fence sizes and animal types, powered by mains, battery, solar, or a combination.

Posts and insulators: Agri-Supply stocks sturdy plastic or fiberglass posts in various heights for temporary or permanent fencing. Insulators keep the current flowing through the fence wires and prevent grounding.

Gates and accessories: Make your electric fence complete with gate kits, warning signs, testers, and repair tools. Agri-Supply has everything you need for a safe and effective fencing system.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing electric fencing from Agri-Supply:

  • The type of animal you're fencing: Different animals require different strengths of current and fence heights.
  • The size of your fence: Choose an energizer with enough power to reach the farthest point of your fence.
  • Your power source: Consider whether you want a mains-powered, battery-powered, or solar-powered energizer.
  • Your budget: Agri-Supply offers a variety of electric fencing products at different price points.

Please find our huge range of electric fencing products. If you need any advice on what items you need for your fence please get in touch with us.

We supply one of the largest ranges of electric fencing in the UK. We stock several large brands of electric fencing including Rutland Electric Fencing, Horizont and AKO. We have a large variety of electric fence energisers from 9v, 12, Mains and Solar powered fence energisers all backed up by a minimum 2 year guarantee. There budget electric fence energisers for use with strip grazing and also large energisers for use with huge fence systems available. There is a large array for electric fencing for horses including horse starter kits which contain everything you need to get a electric fence system started. We also carry various lengths of electric fence posts including 3ft, 4ft and 5ft all in white or green.