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Hoses. Pipes. Pumps & Fittings

Agri-Supply offers a wide variety of hoses and pipes for agricultural use.

  • Hoses:
    • Layflat hoses: Used for irrigation, drainage, and general purpose watering.
    • Suction hoses: Designed to handle liquids and are used for pumping water, chemicals, and other fluids.
    • Discharge hoses: Made to withstand high pressure and are used for spraying, transferring liquids, and other applications.
    • Hydraulic hoses: Used to transfer hydraulic fluid in tractors, implements, and other machinery.
  • Pipes:
    • PVC pipes: Used for irrigation, drainage, and general plumbing applications.
    • Poly pipes: Lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for temporary irrigation and water lines.
    • Metal pipes: Strong and durable, but can be more expensive than plastic pipes.

When choosing hoses and pipes, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Application: What will the hose or pipe be used for?
  • Material: What material is best for the application?
  • Size: What diameter and length are needed?
  • Pressure: What pressure will the hose or pipe be under?

Agri-Supply can help you choose the right hoses and pipes for your needs. They have a wide selection of products from top brands, as well as experienced staff who can answer your questions.