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Funnels from Agri-Supply UK featuring Mr. Funnel range of fuel filter funnels. Mr. Funnel offers a range of fuel filter funnel with patented technology to remove water and debris from fuel allowing engines to be powered from a pure source that will not damage its components. The Mr. Funnel filter range offer small funnels like the F1 and F3 for use with such items as lawnmowers to larger commercial and industrial funnels like the F8 and F15 that can filter at faster rates that are used with construction, agricultural and haulage vehicles.

The Mr. Funnel fuel filters are specially designed to filter out water and debris from most fuels including petrol, diesel, heating oil and kerosone. The aims of this is to stop harmful contaminents getting into your engine and leading to loss of efficiency and engine failure. The most important aspect of Mr. Funnel is the filter which can filter out all water and debris from the fuel. Mr. Funnel is designed as a heavy duty, every day use product that is portable and has a fast flow, patent pending filter to protect your vehicles engines. Mr. Funnel can be used on Go-Karts, Lawnmowers, Compact Tractors, Strimmers, Generators, ATVs, Quad Bikes, Motorcycles, Cars, Lorries, Tractors, Boats and the conductive black version can be used with aircraft.

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