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Rabbit Fencing

Electric fencing is ideal for keeping out Rabbits:

  • safer than conventional fencing
  • saves money by stopping damages
  • protects your crops & fields
  • they will respect the fence quickly
  • simple also to electrify an existing fence

Electric fencing is a cost effective and good way to defer nuisance animal such as rabbits. Rabbits as well as other animal such as badgers and otter cause millions of pounds damage to farmers, home owners and gardeners every year. They can destroy cereal crops, vegetables, gardens, shrubs and trees.

Electric fencing can be used to defer them from entering an area to stop the damage they are causing. For permanent fencing wooden posts and screw in insulators with poly wire and ideally a mains energiser can be used. For temporary fencing 3ft poly posts, poly wire or electric netting with a portable 12v energiser should be used. Wild species such as Rabbits will quickly learn to respect electric fence remembering to avoid them.

Wire and post spacing is important when installing a rabbit fence. The animals will be looking to spaces in the fencing to get through so if you get the spacing right this won't be a possibility. Please ensure that the ends of the fence well strained and anchored. Please find below a diagram of the different vertical spacing of wire fencing:


The fence lines recommended for use with rabbits is high tensile, stranded wire and galvanised wire. Seven strands of wire provide good coverage with close spacing near the bottom to stop them getting through. Otters and badgers stay very low to the ground so a wire 2.5cm off the ground should be used. It is very important that fences like this are maintained to keep vegetation off the fence so it won't drain the power.

Electrifying an Existing Fence

You can easily adapt or convert an existing conventional fence into an electric fence. This is a cost effective method if you already have a permanent fence in place. You can either use the wooden posts already installed and put in insulators on the posts with wire. There are also many types of offset screw in and post top insulators for mounting on an existing fence.


Rabbits require a minimum of 3,000v on the fence with an electric fence energiser that has 1.5 Joules in stored energy. For fences that are permanent or if a mains supply is available using a mains energiser is the best option. You will have to measure the length your rabbit fence will be to decide on the energiser you need.. A mains system works by plugging the energiser into the supply inside and running lead out cable to a 2m earth stake and to the fence to power it. For permanent fences mains energiser should not have less than 0.5 Joule stored energy. For remote areas or places you cannot get a mains supply to, 12v, 9v or solar energisers should be used. 12v battery energiser are usually used and we would recommend using these as they are more reliable and cost effective.

Fence Line Conductor

We would recommend only using stranded wire, galvanised wire and high tensile wire or electric rabbit netting for use with rabbits. Also stranded wire can also be re-used for temporary fencing. If you are installing a permanent fence its better to use either high tensile wire and or galvanised wire as this is longer lasting. There is different quality of conductors lines available. A quality of a line is dependent on the number of conductors, diameter of conductors, level of resitance and breaking strain. Stranded, galvanised and high tensile are all conductor so you are usually looking at the level of resitance and breaking strain for quality. For longer electric fences you will need a better quality line such as galvanised wire. For temporary fences electric rabbit netting should be used.

Rabbit Fencing Kits

We do not have any rabbit fencing kits listed as this are fairly individual to each user. As normally large lengths of fencing can be needed. Systems will normally contain an energiser, earth stake, poly posts and wire or ring insulators and wire. It is likely most installations will be permanent so wooden posts with ring insulator is a great cost effective way of creating a long lasting barrier. If you need a system please contact us with the length of the fence needed and we can quote you for all you need.