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Electric Fencing
If you are looking for advice on electric fencing, you have come to the right. In terms of experience we are designed and shipped systems all over the world to keep in or out all kinds of animals. From fencing to protect beehives from bears in Sweden, protecting the Masai tribes livestock from lions in Africa, containing camels in Dubai to strip grazing sheep in the UK.
Every electric fence is different depending on the location, type of animals and how it is used. They can temporary and portable or static and permanent. The type of fence you require will depend on what your objective is. Keeping in animals or keeping out predators.
Electric fencing has become the fencing choice to contain animals. For decades livestock farmers in the UK has used it as a fast and flexible method of pasture management to maximize the growth of their land. For horses its is seen as the only effective and safe way of fencing. The electric deterrent creates a barrier to separate horses whilst can plays a very important role in restricting grazing areas for lamantic animals.
If chosen, installed and maintained correctly electric fencing is a valuable tool in containing your animals in a worry free and safe environment. Although giving a strong and sharp shock electric fencing is completely safe being used with horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats.
Given the range of products on offer it can be difficult to know where to start in setting up your systems. We offer a great range of electric fence kits to give you everything you need to get started which can easily added to lengthen your fencing.
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What Electric Fence Energiser is best?
We so many types and brands of electric fence energiser we are often asked this question. We are in the best position to answer considering our vast experience of all different types of systems.
Our recommendation is based on a few variables including type of animal, length of fence, power source and budget. This is the reason why we stock such a wide range so we can cater to all your needs.
Power Source:
Mains - Electric fence energiser that have access to a main power socket are always the most reliable and consistent. If you have a mains plug socket within 100m of your electric fence this power source should be considered. It can give you a cost effective and stress free way of powering your fence. Mains fence energisers generally last longer than other fence units as they are inside in the dry with a lower risk of theft.
12v Battery - When mains is not accessible or the fencing is regularly moved powering your energiser with a 12v battery is a viable option. It allows easily moving of the fence meaning you can place you energiser at a suitable point along your fencing. Drawbacks can be the effort of checking and changing the battery when it becomes low on power.
Dry Battery - Dry batteries for electric fencing also know at 6v or 9v batteries are one time use disposable ways of powering fencer unit. They offer a flexible way to power energisers where mains power or carrying large 12v batteries is not possible. If units are only used for part of the year they give you a temporary option for an electric fence but if used over a long period can become expensive.
Solar - Fast becoming the choice of many using electric fencing solar powered fence energisers are a simple and environmentally friendly option. Within the last few years solar powered technology has taken many advances which alongside lithium batteries make powering electric fencing really easy. Solar powered energisers can now work all year round and can be left for months on end charging themselves. The cost of these units can be higher but we believe this additional amount is worth paying to save you money and stress over the long term.